🔨 Installation

Installing an Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation system can be a fairly complex process that requires a lot of organization and structure. Thanks to our large organization, we can run a diverse range of systems and tonnages.


  • At Grupo Gama we have more than 35 years of experience installing HVAC systems;35 years in which we have worked hand in hand with our customers in order to formulate the most effective solutions to the requirements of comfort and energy saving, and thus provide the best possible service, guaranteeing the most efficient operation of the systems to be installed.

We have a dedicated team for projects, composed of Architects, Engineers and Mechanics, all highly qualified and trained to successfully carry out all kinds of installations of Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation. We make sure to train our staff in all their respective operational areas, ranging from project engineers to installation mechanics.


  • We are highly experienced executing installations of various types of systems, such as VRF, Chillers Ice Water/Air or Direct Expansion.

Our team can install the systems required by our customers, and deliver engine rooms and cooling towers capable of air conditioning Shopping Centers, Residential and Office Towers.


  • An effective installation of the systems is of paramount importance, in order to guarantee the optimal operation of air conditioning or mechanical ventilation.