🏭 HVAC duct manufacturing

TDC: Transverse Duct Connections.

In our factory we are characterized by manufacturing TDC conducts under the SMACNA standard using highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery. Our insulating process strictly complies with the “A Guide to Insulated HVAC Duct Systems” regulations issued by NAIMA. We can isolate externally using fiberglass quilt or insulate internally using fiber or rubatex. Both processes supported by the standard. Our materials are of the highest quality,: Central American sheet G60 or G90, according to the customer’s request for the manufacture of conducts, corners, pipes and clips. They are applied in air conditioning, ventilation, extraction, garbage ducts, electric gutters.

  • Exponential weight reduction: The TDC allows the use of thinner sheet gauges, without modifying the pressure and size ranges, managing to decrease the pounds per square foot of installation in projects by up to 30%.
  • Time Savings: Significant reduction in production and installation time (between 30%-50%) due to ease of assembly. It is possible to assemble several sections on the ground, prior to the final installation of support.
  • Efficiency: Only the number of parts specified in drawings or design are used, due to the pre-manufacturing system TDC, also achieving the elimination of leftovers.
  • Because of its watertightness, the TDC achieves less than 1% leakage, thus reducing the requirement and cost of operation of the equipment.

TDC Board = Saving

Increased watertightness (TDC) achieves savings in equipment electrical expenditure.

Raw material above standard, higher durability and quality.