🏬 Design and Engineering

Our Architects and engineers are qualified to deliver systems, and develop customized configurations designed to provide the most efficient and innovative integral solutions for any range of projects. Thanks to our structured organization, we have developed a high capability to adapt to any project or situation that may arise; finding solutions in a timely matter due to our vast experience in the industry.
Through a span of preliminary evaluations, we are able to recommend and design the most adequate systems that deliver the optimal performance for your project.

  • Thermal Loads
  • Cooling Loads Analysis
  • Interior/Exterior environment evaluation
  • Operational Routine Evaluation

In order to execute these preliminary evaluations, we base off of architectural designs, which are critical to take into account dimensions, exposure to sunlight, external temperature, average concurrency and other factors to determine necessary loads to climatize spaces adequately. There are many variables that we take into account to specifically determine which systems and equipment will be needed to provide the comfort environment required by our customers. We develop a value engineering to ensure that all the components required for the execution of a project are the most efficient and suitable for the optimal operation of the installed systems.
Once all the necessary studies have been carried out, we proceed to the integral design of the air conditioning system. Here are some components that build up these systems:

  • Water/coolant pipe networks
  • Water pumps
  • Cooling towers
  • Ducting system (manufactured entirely internally)
  • Mechanical ventilation systems
  • Air Conditioning Control Systems