Alpha Centro Operaciones Banco Agrícola

Systems used:
Cold Water Chiller
Tonnage: 620

CC Galerias

Systems used:
Water-cooled centrifugal chiller system, cooling towers, pumps and air handlers.
Tonnage: 1,750

CC Multiplaza E.S

Systems used:
Direct DX expansion systems and air-cooled chiller.
Tonnage: 715

Centro Investigación Forense PNC

Systems used:
Air-cooled chiller, Direct Expansion.
Tonnage: 730

Hospital General ISSS

Systems used:
Chiller system cooled by water of secondary variable flow, with special areas, operating rooms, laboratories and general areas.
Tonnage: 600


Systems used:
Chiller cooled by cold water.
Tonnage: 2,000